Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Decade Around the Corner those that read my blog, you're just going to have to get over the fact that I don't post here as often as you'd want. I know, I know, I do understand. It's probably not going to change.

That being said, it's almost midnight, coming up on New Years Eve day, and I find myself a little reflectivey and contemplativey. Yes those are words, shush. 2010 is roughly 24 hours away. That's crazy! I graduated high school five and a half years ago, I've been home from my mission for just over three years now... It's just crazy.

So I have to ask myself, is my life where I want it to be? That's a hard question, I mean yes and no. I could easily make a list of everything I want to improve about my life, from the fact that I'm not yet graduated to my being nowhere near the physical shape I want to be in. Yet on the flipside I could make a long list of things that I absolutely love about my life, my family first and foremost, my amazing friends near and far, the fact that I no longer have to work during my college semesters thanks to the generosity of our federal government... This list goes on. Not to mention the fact that I'm in the prime of my life, I'm not dead, an alcoholic, a druggie, or a baby daddy. I have a faith that I cherish, people to support me, and a future full of possibilities... There's so many things to be happy about.

Yet New Years is customarily the time for change, and resolution, and what better time then a new decade? It's not just a new year it's a new set of ten which means that resolutions you make this year will be ten time more likely to stick right? Meh, here's to believing.

To everyone in my life, even those not in my every day life to whom I don't get to say this to much, I love you all and wish you the best for the next decade. It'll be fun to see the changes the next ten years bring. First off I'll be 34...bleh. Anyway, off to bed.

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  1. Hey I never knew you had this blog. It's awesome. I know what you mean about setting goals and doing an audit of your life and achievements. I think we all go through that, but maybe it would be a better thing for us to do that more than when we are reminded at the new year. I think that one of the things that works the best for me is not to make a list of what is still on my to do's in life, but to visualize where I want to be and then to do what I can in order to achieve that. Not everything you ever want to accomplish is going to be a stepping stone toward the person you want to become. Some are more important than others, while others are most important. Those are the ones you want to make sure you have, and by the sound of it, you are well on your way.
    Sorry, I'm just blabbing and blabbing like I always do. I'm glad things are going well for you, my boy. Have a great New Year and know that a father's love is unconditional. ;)