Saturday, April 25, 2009

Returning the Blog

Hey everyone, not sure quite why I feel the need to apologize for not logging in two and half months. See the problem is that even though I like blogging and enjoy leaving my thoughts and life for others to see, it's just not something that I think immediately of doing, I always think, 'I can just do it tomorrow' and suddenly weeks go by. *shrug* We'll see if I can get down to at least once a month and we'll see where I go to after that ;).

Things since February have been crazy. I've reneged on my decision to transfer away from BYU-Idaho. I know this basically makes my entire last point moot, but I climbed out of my funk that I was in and realized that I didn't want to base major, life decisions off of a slightly depressed state. That being that, everything I said in my last post is still true, but I realized and discovered many good points of staying and a few negatives to transferring home, one of which would be not graduating as quickly which I really want sooner rather than later.

This last semester was easily the worst I've had in the five I've had. The funk I was in lasted until the beginning of March and let's say that the damage to my grades was not as recoverable as I hoped. I could leave it as is and graduate but, after this fall and a couple of retaken classes everything will be back to it's normal place and I won't have lost time in my overall progression.

I spent the weekend after school got out earlier this month in Salt Lake seeing family and attending my two friends TK and Jillian Sheppard's wedding. It was an absolutely amazing service and I wish them all the best! My time in Salt Lake went way too fast though and I didn't get to see nearly everyone that I would have wanted.

After my 18 hour drive home I spent the first week just de-stressing which involved relaxing and sleeping in, catching up on some reading and also visiting friends here that I didn't get a chance to see over my three days of being home at Christmas. This week I decided to finish getting my self settled in and ready to tackle the summer. I started at the end of last week to do some job hunting. It didn't go as well as I'd hoped at first.

A good friend however might have an amazing opportunity for me with a paid internship at the software company where he works for the summer. It would be a full-time job with good pay. Couple that with a part-time evening job and I should be able to scrape enough money this summer to not have to work this coming semester. *crosses fingers* That's the hope anyway. Nothing is set in stone, there's still a few steps of getting approval from his higher ups but it's looking promising and I'm trying to stay positive about it.

So wednesday and yesterday I spent almost the entire day cleaning, sorting, unpacking and settling into my room. I got rid of a large trashbag of stuff and now my room is clean and settled. It's so nice, especially since I never really got moved in to my room this last year of school and I feel more at home now. Might have something to do with actually being at home...

Yesterday I called Kelly at the Applebee's on College and Metcalf, she was one of my old managers at the Shawnee location. I called to see about getting an evening job there. Let's say that she's awesome and I must have been a decent server because she basically told me over the phone that I was hired. Plus Kevin, the regional manager for all the locations in the KC area was there. I knew him from when he did his own manager training at my first Applebee's, he told Kelly to definitely hire me. It made me feel pretty good. I start Monday for a day of 'training'. Luckily I already know most of the menu as well as the computer system so it'll just be a matter of learning their restaraunt and especially table numbers and whatnot. I'm confident that it'll be just fine. I'm a quick learner and I'm not worried about it. I do need to find a pair of black, non-slip shoes since my dad stole my old ones...

Tonight was really fun, I went with Mike and some of his friends from work, and Megan to the Power and Light District downtown. It's such a fun place! For those of you who've never been, it's an outdoor pavillion area with bars surrounding it and dance areas and all sorts of awesome things like that. So kind of a small, outdoor mall for bars. We spent the night dancing and having crazy fun. As the only non-drinker in the bunch I was uh... designated... to be designated driver. :) The thanks for this was that those I drove paid for parking, my cover charges and food and (soft) drink. I thought it was a great deal.

I'm not sure why I'm still up at 3:21AM writing this, but I got home about 1AM and after browsing facebook and youtube I'm still not overly tired. I think I'll get some light food and watch some Scrubs and see if that winds me down. Anyway, love you all, hope you all have an awesome weekend!