Saturday, September 26, 2009

fall is in the air...

Given lots of ridicule and prodding, I've decided that I need to blog before September goes away...and seeing as how that's tomorrow, here we go!

So...sorry once again for having not written in a while. I promise I really have meant to write, but we're just two weeks into school now and things have been moving incredibly fast and I've been doing a lot of homework, practicing, partying, etc and kind of fell out of my normal rhythm.

So let's see. School. I'm in my third semester as a music major and everything's going great. As many of you know already, I auditioned for and got into Collegiate Singers here at BYU-Idaho, which is the top audition choir, which needless to say made me extremely happy. Shout-out to anyone in Collegiate who might read this(not sure if there are any), but you all rock! I've never been in a choir that was this close this fast. It's been amazing. The music is really hard, but is so much fun to sing. We're doing an Eric Whitacre piece called "Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine" and it's crazy, eight minutes long, 26 some odd pages. It's amaaaazing!

As many of you might know, I now have a girlfriend, her name is Sheryl Andersen. She's also a music major and also my accompanist. T'is very exciting!

I'm actually getting rather tired, and my cold is doing a number on my head with a wonderful sinus headache. So I'm going to call it here with a nice short one, so I'm hoping to blog again soon...we'll see how that turns out...


  1. yayyy. i'm so happy you blogged. and once again happy for your making the collegiate. and the girl. and yada yada. i miss you and hope all is well!!

  2. It sounds like you are having fun! Enjoy!!!