Thursday, July 16, 2009

And again...

So, after being chastised at the family reunion, here I am writing in my blog again. Just so you all know, the reason I didn't write again after my last one is the '0' in front of the comments. I just assumed no one was reading it. My bad...

So, since the end of April...where to start?

I'm currently working as a 'Development Support Intern' at Perceptive Software here in Kansas City. This is the opportunity I wrote about in my last blog that my awesome friend Mike was able to secure for me. So I now have an awesome full time job for the rest of the summer and am saving up money for the next year of school, as well as buying new toys...

Speaking of money for college, I was able to secure a Pell Grant for this upcoming year. Talk about a huge load off my back. This means that I will be able to fully involve myself with everything it means to be a music major, including all the practices, concerts, etc, have a social life, enjoy college life, and not have to work during school! I'm stoked.

Speaking of new toys. I joined the dark side and bought my first Apple product in the form of the 32 gigabyte iPod touch. It's beautiful. People ask me why I didn't just get the iPhone. First off, I'm not able to pay over $100/month for the plan that I would need to make it my cell service. Second, the iPod touch is basically the world's best PDA/pocket PC...though I guess it would be pocketMac in this case. I'm looking forward to having it at school, so I don't always have to lug my 17" laptop with me to class.

I think I'm going to start doing my blog in sections or categories. Seems interesting. Especially since otherwise I'll just babble on for way too long. We'll see how it goes.


I'm in the middle of about four or five books at the moment. I'll read a chapter or two in one and then get tired of a non-moving storyline and move on to the others. The current exceptions to this are the newest books in the Star Wars universe. I'm always excited enough with them to read them from start to finish. Usually within two or three days. The next one comes out in August.

The other books I'm reading at the moment are: Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind. Small Favor (A novel in the Dresden Files, book 10 I think) by Jim Butcher, Academ's Fury(Book 2 in the Codex Alera series) by Jim Butcher, and Dune by Frank Herbert.

Don't get me wrong, they're all good. I just seem to not be able to stay with one book for an extended period of time. I think this is a combination of my excitement to actually get to read this summer, and having so many books on my list to want to read that I'm overloading myself.


As many of you know, I play World of Warcraft. I know, I know, blah blah, waste of time, blah blah waste of money. Save it. I enjoy it, and it's fun to play, especially with friends. Perhaps I'll write an entire blogpost dedicated to my defense of WoW and its normal players. Who knows.

New games that I've tried and enjoyed. Sims 3 and Prototype. I've always liked the Sims, though only in small bursts.

Prototype is actually very fun. A little dark, and obviously violent, but fun. Basically think of Grand Theft Auto, without all the sexual content, meets I Am Legend. Free roaming world, cool powers, interesting storyline. Literally jump from skyscraper to skyscraper on the island of Manhatten, built almost perfectly to scale. Very awesome.


Though I already answered this question about thirty times at the reunion, and it's mostly family that reads this anyway, I'll share it again just in case. I will be going back to BYU-Idaho. I registered for my classes in June and I'm really looking forward to going back.

I think that's probably enough updating for now. Comment if you want me to write about different stuff, otherwise I'm going to stick with this general style. Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Ok, so here is a comment just to let you know that I am reading your blog, even though I pretty much know all this stuff already. Even if nobody is reading it, it's still a good outlet for writing and sharing your feelings and your goals, etc. Love you!

  2. Hey - commenting just to say I did read your blog and will follow it now. Not hard to do since I'm new to blogging and don't have many on my list yet. It's great you got the new ipod touch, but I think you still need a smarter computer as well! ;) Anyway, it was good to see you and have a great rest of the summer!

    Love your cuz, Liesel

  3. just always remember "People are stupid and will believe what you want. wizard's first rule" I love that series.

  4. Hey Trent... found your blog, read it, enjoyed "catching up" with you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and maybe we can cross paths again in Utah.

  5. See I told you I read your blog! It was so fun to see you at the reunion! Hopefully we see you again soon! :) p.s. your myths about video games made me laugh-