Thursday, July 23, 2009

34 Days...

...until my end of summer road trip begins!

The basic outline:

August 25th - Last day at perceptive software, finish packing & load my car.
August 26th - Drive to Salt Lake!
August 27 & 28th - Hang out in Salt Lake, visit friends and family, and recover from 16 hour drive.
August 29th - Drive to Washington state!
August 30th-September 5th - Hang out in Washington, visit Seattle, maybe Forks... :)
September 6th - Drive to Rexburg!
September 7th - Move in to new apartment!
September 8th - Try out for Collegiate Singers
September 10th - Classes start!

I'm pretty excited about this. I've never been to Washington, and I've never seen an ocean, two things I plan to remedy. Plus I'll get to hang out with Erik which is always awesome.

As for me, things are continuing along. I'm trying to decide what to buy with the money remaining for the end of summer, that is the money that isn't already set aside for college and my Christmas flight home.

Things I want:

- a new suit. I haven't bought a new one since summer of 2005, while I was on my mission. The one I have is entering the end of its days I think...

- a GPS for my car. While I believe in my ability to follow a printed instructional from google maps, having a nice voice telling me when to turn in my upcoming road trip into undiscovered territory would be nice...

- a Bose stereo dock for my iPod touch so I don't have to always listen with my headphones or my laptop speakers which are...atrocious....

- new headphones from Apple. They have a really nice set of in-ear buds that form to your inner ear so they aren't bulky or over the ear like earmuffs, but they also fit so they don't hurt after a while...

- new clothes. Most of my clothes are getting on in years, and I haven't really been getting new ones. Plus I'm a huge pack rat which means I have to really force myself to get rid of stuff. Moving almost everything I own across the country every six months helps, but my wardrobe needs a little Spring...well Summer Cleaning.

That about covers my current wish-list. I have a few, more-exorbitant wishes, like a new desktop PC, but that can wait until next summer or more. I'm not sure that I'll be able to afford all of the above. Probably not in fact, so the rub comes in trying to be 'responsible' and choose which ones I want more, or the ones that are close to needs...

I'll let you guys know... :)


  1. I would buy clothes! Way more fun to shop for! :)

  2. I can't believe I'm telling you this after the way I initially felt when I found out my husband bought one, but I think you should get the GPS. It was really so nice to have along on the roadtrip, especially in unfamiliar cities. I doubt you'ld regret that purchase.

    About your WA roadtrip...way to go for even considering a visit to Forks! :D

  3. you have a blog!! you should seriously go to forks. ha. oh dear. but really.

    i can't believe you have a blog. it brings me joy! nice 8 myths.